How To Store Your Bike In Your Apartment

How to Store Your Bike in Your Apartment: 7 Simple Ways.

This article discusses how to store your bicycle in your apartment or a small room. Check out various methods to keep your bike in a small area.

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So, how to store your bike in your apartment, right?

Everyone loves to ride their bike, but this dilemma comes to your mind when you are not riding it.

More than 700,000 bikes are stolen every year in the US alone, so you can’t leave your bike on the street or sidewalks.

Ideally, you could store your bike inside your apartment, but if you have a small apartment or a residence, you may struggle to find the ideal space for your bike.

So lets see the different ways in which you could store your bicycle in your apartment.

How to store a bike in an apartment

So here are our seven tips on how to store your bicycle inside your apartment.

Method #1- Hang your bike

The easiest way to store your bike is to install some storage hooks on your ceiling and hang your cycle when you are not using it.

If you like, you could store your bike inside your living area, otherwise  install the hooks in your closet or laundry nook ceiling.

You can hang your bike in your living room or even in the bedroom ceiling if you are really short of space. You could use a curtain to keep your bike out of the sight.

bike storage hooks to store bike in your apartment

StoutMax provides you with a set of 8 highly durable storage hooks. Because of their EZ thread technology, you could install these without even breaking a sweat.

Moreover, their soft non-slip graphite finish ensures that they protect your bike from any daily wear and tear when you hang upon them.

If you have a mountain bike with fat tires, then you should not purchase these hooks because they may be small for your bike.

Method #2- Put it on your wall

You can store your bike on your wall itself! A bicycle shelf looks like a floating shelf, which will hold your bike securely on to the wall.

bike rack- store your bike in a small apartment

StoreYourBoard Bike Rack plus Storage Shelf is the best storage solution for your bikes, with five heavy-duty attachments; you can hang up to 5 bikes on your wall with ease.

They even provide you with additional storage space to hold your helmets, shoes, pumps, tools, and other accessories, so this is a one-stop-destination for all your needs.

Since the bike shelf is made from solid steel and aluminum, it can support up to 200 lbs!

Method #3- Get a Wall Hanger

You can use a wall hanger to store your bike in your apartment. It will display your bike as a piece of art.

small house bike hanger

Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Bike Wall Hanger is designed as a mounting wall hanger for a single bike to save floor space.

The sturdy and durable construction made from aluminum makes this hanger safe for bikes to hang on your wall.

The weight limit on this product is 39.6 lbs, and make sure that you mount this on masonry or concrete wall with anchors. Do not attach a hanger on the plasterboard wall or drywall unless there is a wood stud behind.

Method #4- You can use a floor stand

If you feel like you have to store your bike on the ground, then you should go for a floor stand. If you have some space, then slide your bike into your floor stand.

bicycle floor stand for your apartment

The floor stand from Bikehand is one of the highly-rated products that you will ever find in amazon.

They maintain an impressive 4.9 rating from 1200 plus reviews. You could store your bike effortlessly by pushing it into their stand.

You could even fold their stand, so when not in use, fold the bike stand and move it aside, so you don’t waste your apartment space.

Method #5- Use a Bike Stand

If you are not a fan of drilling or attachments in your wall, then you could go for a bike stand. A bike stand looks like a regular stand, but instead, it holds your bike.

bicycle stand for your apartment

Michelangelo from Delta cycles comes in 5 different models so that you could store all your bikes without any trouble.

It leans against the wall and requires no bolts or screws to hold in place, so the more weight you put on, the more secure your stand will be.

It is simple, and you could put your bike in any corner of your room, be it the living room or your bedroom, it won’t take any extra space at all.

While their rubber bumpers protect your wall from any marks, their rubber arm sleeves protect your bike paint and hold it securely.

Method #6- Go for a bike rack

A bike rack is another option for you to store your bike in your apartment. Some racks can hold two bikes with ease.

bicycle rack for your apartment

The Koova bike rack allows you to store every type of bike, no matter how big they are. Their specially designed and crafted bike hooks can easily handle 3″ wide tires without damaging your rime, tires pr spokes.

Their unique mounting system means that you can place your bike holders anywhere you want, and it won’t come off. They even include smaller hooks to hand your helmets and other accessories.

Method #7- Hide it under your stairs

If you have a staircase in your apartment or your small house, then store your bike under them. But you will have to install some hooks to hang your bike under the stairs.

Never leave your bike outside your apartment or house, no matter how small your residence is. It is always better to store your bike in your apartment than to be heartbroken later.

You could choose any of our recommendations mentioned above, according to your needs.

I hope that our few tips on how to store your bike in your apartment have solved all your queries; if not, do ask me in the comment section below.

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